June 24, 2008

Be Green - it's easy!

Easy everyday things you can do to save the Earth

#Plastic Bags:
Try to reduce your use of plastic bags by using reusable cloth bags for your groceries. Put your beach tote to use, keep it in the car and take it to the grocery store with you. Recycled material bags are becoming more and more popular, most chain stores offer them for as little as $1,-.
If you can't get around using plastic, fold and collect all those store bags and take them back to your grocery store, these days most chain stores have a plastic bag recycling bin by the entrance.

Let your hair air-dry on warm days.
Turn off the lights when you leave the room and when you don't really need them. Unplug your electronics when you leave the house, even in standby mode a plugged in appliance still sucks in electricity.
Don't stare into your refrigerator trying to think of what you want, every time you open your fridge or freezer, cold air escapes and it has to work harder to cool off again.
Use energy-efficient light bulbs, buy Energy Star approved appliances. Install outdoor lighting with motion detection. Use solar powered outdoor lights, they are widely available.

Turn off the water while you brush your teeth, try to take shorter, cooler showers. Run the dishwasher only when it's full.

Reduce harsh chemicals in your cleaning supplies. Use microfiber cloth for dusting, wiping and on metals. Baking Soda and Vinegar are cheap and effective alternatives to your everyday disinfectants, cleaning solutions and odor eaters. (see my post Household Re-Purpose for more)
Look for natural ingredients in your toiletries and make-up, pay special attention to products Not Tested on Animals. Cruelty-free products are mostly also organic. The longer the list of ingredients and the harder to pronounce, the more junk you get, not good for you and not good for the Earth.

Grow your own veggies if you can, buy from a Farmers Market or opt for organic at the grocery store.
Eat less meat, it takes a lot of food to produce meat, livestock consumes 70 percent of America’s grain.
Don't waste, eat what's on your plate, use your leftovers.

#Recycle, Reuse:
Try to find new uses for old things.
There is no shame in buying second hand, check out Thrift Stores and Flea Markets for your decorating needs, you might even find some handy things for your kitchen and dining room.

Find tons of handy information for Green living here:

Real Simple Magazine

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Google "green living" and you will get over 10 million results ;-)

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doggy blogger said...

I actually like to recycle. There are some good ideas here, some of which I already do. I like to buy clothes at thrift shops, and I like to use baking soda and vinegar to clean with. I have chemical sensitivities, so it helps me when I don't use strong chemicals for cleaning.