August 1, 2011

Plastic Bag Ban in Long Beach ... it's great start!

Plastic bags will be a thing of the past in Long Beach beginning today, and suddenly all of those who have been using plastic will need to tote reusable and paper bags.
Under a measure passed by the Long Beach City Council, the city’s larger stores will not be allowed to pack items in plastic bags. Customers will be able to buy paper bags for 10 cents each but will be encouraged to bring in their own reusable bags when shopping.
The smaller stores will phase out the use of plastic bags and will be plastic-free by January, according to the new law.
Environmentalists have long argued that plastic bags, not being organic and biodegradeable, clog drains, clutter up the environment and even endanger fish.
Los Angeles County’s new ban took effect July 8, and the cities of Pasadena and Los Angeles are considering such bans.
Copied from:  Article written by Mirna Alfonso August 01, 2011


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